Friday, August 24, 2012

Deburring Tail Cone Skins

Today the plan was to break the edges of the tail cone skins as per the plans. However, realizing that idea was a bit premature, decided it prudent to spend a few hours deburring all of the tail cone skins before breaking the edges.

Finding places to keep all 9 of the tail cone’s 9 foot long skins was the biggest challenge as all the pieces were fished out of the shipping crate one by one for deburring. Most all of the skins were fairly smooth to begin with and required very little major filing … but hand filing in the nooks and crannies was required along with running the Scotch-brite wheel down all the edges.

All of the skins except one have a built in J stiffener and are fairly easy to handle … however, the top skin has no built in stiffeners and moving it around is akin to handling a 9 foot long wet noodle … it even droops over both edges of the bench.
                                                       Filing the edges of one of the tail cone’s bottom skins.
                                                  Deburring one of the tail cone’s side skins with a pneumatic
                                                 grinder using a small Scotch-brite wheel.