Monday, August 20, 2012

We Pause This Broadcast For Parts Identification

Today the second workbench was cleaned off in anticipation of bringing out the large tail cone skins and going through the process of preparing those for assembly. However, I thought it would be a good time to use the open space on the work bench to inventory the wing kit instead.

I had asked Van’s for an extension until after Oshkosh to inventory the wing kit  (normally they only allow 30 days to dispute any missing parts) ... realizing I was on borrowed time and had not done that yet, decided it best to use the cleaned off benches to inventory the wing kit components.
                                           Removal of the wood top revealed yet more of Van’s good packing.
                                              The ribs are all in plastic wrapped bundles wrapped again in paper
                                              sitting on cardboard which is placed on top of the skins for protection.

Under the pile of ribs and small parts the skins are in two layers  covering the entire bottom of the box then curving up the side and under a piece of wood that holds them in place for transit. I think Van’s uses the stickiest duct tape on the planet to secure the parts in place … it is challenging to get it off to separate parts for inventorying.
                             Setting down for the long task of counting small parts and marking them off the list.

I did not take any photos of the second LONG box that contains the two wing spars, a few of the longer internal wing components and flaperon skins. The parts literally fit into that box like a glove. Almost every square inch is filled with parts, cardboard or Styrofoam panels … amazing!

All the parts were there ... but I did have an issue with the plans where one page is just totally unreadable. The printing is VERY blurry ... looks as though the paper was either printed on twice or got jammed and got askew while it was being printed on. A call to Van’s was made and the replacement page is in the mail.