Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dimpling Of Stabilator Components Begins

Spent a little time this morning packing away the completed rudder and anti-servo tabs to keep them out of harms way as the build continues. Also finalized my plan to assemble the stabilator components in a different order to allow for more solid rivets to attach the stabilator components … more on that in a day or two.

A small amount of work was accomplished today beginning with riveting the two innermost spar cap spacers onto both the upper and lower spar caps. The remaining four spar cap spacers will be riveted later in the spar box assembly process.
                               The innermost two spar cap spacers riveted onto both the upper and lower spar caps.

Today began the preparation of the stabilator’s components for flush rivets by dimpling both the upper and lower spar caps using the C-frame. For those inclined to dimple for flush rivets, note: not all the holes need to be dimpled. The holes between the two inner most inspar ribs do not need to be dimpled because the left and right stabilator skins do not cover this area of the stabilator box assembly so there is no need to dimple here.  The same will apply to the forward and aft spars in this area as well. Do not reference the above photo for holes that need dimpling ... the existing dimples in the spar caps were placed there earlier to determine if the dimples would prevent assembly of the components. 
                                                   Using the C-frame to dimple the upper and lower spar caps.