Thursday, August 2, 2012

Infrastructure Problem At DOG Aviation

This morning the plan was to continue playing around with the box spar components to see if there is a way to squeeze solid rivets where the ribs attach to the box spar.  At first glance, the way Van’s has one assemble the box spar does not lend itself to using solid rivets on the ribs.

That said, it got me to thinking about the order which components get assembled … so thought I would see if I could come up with a doable plan to allow for as many ribs as possible to be attached using solid rivets. Placed some of the spar box components together loosely to get a feel for how the parts fit together and the possibility of using solid rivets to attach the stabilator’s ribs.
                                             Fore and aft spars along with the spar box ribs … top and bottom
                                             spar caps are off to allow for a better view of the internals.

Much to my surprise, when entering the shop I discovered one of the garage door springs decided to break. I first noticed the safety cable dangling. Then I saw the pulley the spring attaches to hanging along with a chunk of the spring. Somehow the safety cable came out of the spring. Further investigation resulted in the discovery of a major infrastructure problem and the reason the safety cable came out of the spring. The wood attachment for the spring and safety wire literally disintegrated. Glad I was not around when it all self destructed.  Fortunately, none of the shrapnel damaged any of the RV-12’s components. Looks like I have a little carpentry work ahead before continuing on the RV-build.
                       The wood pieces the garage door spring and safety cable attaches to is now a mass of splinters.

Suppose it would be prudent to just replace all the springs for the two garage doors. Had one of the springs for the other garage door broke, it could have damaged some of the RV-12’s parts. Soon the garage will be storing large and expensive to replace completed assemblies so feel it’s advisable to just replace all of the springs now.