Monday, February 8, 2016

Instillation Of The ACK E-04 ELT Completed - Finally

It felt good finally wrapping up the instillation of the ACK E-04 ELT without any more time consuming difficulties. While about to mount the ACK E-04 ELT using the metal straps, noticed the inside edges of both the front and aft latches were quite sharp … so prior to mounting the ELT, the sharp inside edges were removed with a few strokes of sandpaper.  With the ELT set in place on its mounting bracket, the latches were snapped closed securing the ELT in place.
Mounting the ACK E-04 ELT on the mounting bracket using the provided metal strap and spring loaded latch.

With the ACK E-04 ELT securely mounted, the antenna mounting bracket and antenna was temporarily mounted so the antenna's coax cable could be adjusted to length and the excess coax slack taken up with wire ties. (The antenna bracket will be removed so the fuel tank will be easier to install). The audio panel was mounted next and an attempt was made to neatly manage the excess wiring slack using wire ties.
Completed instillation of the ACK E-04 ELT ready for testing.

After the ACK E-04 ELT and accompanying hardware was installed, decided to test the unit again. This time I had my handheld radio along and tuned it to 121.5 MHz and at the top of the hour armed the ELT and pressed the reset button on the remote control panel indicator. The radio picked up the audio bursts and the LED on the remote control panel indicator flashed so all appears to be functioning. Will have to wait until the instruments are fully installed and the RV-12 is outside so the GPS antenna can lock onto the satellites to be able verify the ELT is receiving GPS data using the optional data out wire on pin 2 of the mini din connector.