Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oil & Fuel Pressure Sensor Hoses Secured

The one lose end remaining after installing Aircraft Specialty’s Teflon fuel line kit and the kit to move the oil pressure sensor to the firewall was … securing the lines going to the firewall mounted sensors to my satisfaction.  As mentioned in the previous post, a mounting bracket was made but did not have the right size screw to mount the bracket onto the forward riser on the left intake manifold. Yesterday, the screw came in along with some other goodies that will be needing in the coming days. With correct sized screw in hand, proceeded to mount the oil and fuel pressure sensor lines onto the fabricated bracket … and am very pleased with the way it turned out.
To secure the two Teflon lines, two Adel clamps were screwed onto a custom made bracket that was mounted onto the forward riser on the intake manifold.
Side view of the completed instillation and securing of the Aircraft Specialty Teflon lines going to the fuel and oil sensor units mounted onto the firewall.

A note to fellow builders: The mounting location chosen for the remote oil pressure sensor is NOT the standard location ... that said, Steve at Aircraft Specialty gladly custom made a Teflon hose to reach the custom made dual sensor bracket mounted on the firewall of the DOG Aviation RV-12.