Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mounting Bracket Support For Oil & Fuel Pressure Lines Fabricated

As could be seen in one of the photos in yesterday’s post, the two Teflon lines running over to the firewall mounted oil and fuel pressure sensors still needed securing. Figured I would need to fabricate a bracket which I was planning on saving for a rainy day. Gee, it rained today … so a mounting location was determined and a bracket was made.

Decided one of the easiest ways to secure the two Teflon lines would be to use  one of the two slotted risers on the left carburetor’s intake manifold. Have no idea what these are used for .... mounting cables perhaps. Nothing is attached to the risers in the Illustrated Parts Catalog and I’ve looked at many many photos on line of RV-12's and other aircraft using the Rotax 912 engine and have not seen anything connected to the risers. … so guess I’ve found a convenient place to hang a bracket for mounting a couple of Adel clamps. After playing around with the angles and various mounting methods decided to use the forward most riser as an attachment point for a small mounting bracket that will be skewed at a 45 degree angle for Adel clamps to mount onto. The holes in the risers are fairly large so opted to make a bushing from a piece of left over aluminum tubing so a #10 screw could be used to attach the bracket onto the riser.
A test fitting of the fabricated bushing and bracket that will support the Adel clamps for the hoses. Looking closely at the forward riser one can see the bushing that was made. For final assembly the bracket will be rotated up 45 degrees so the hoses can sit a little higher.

Discovered I did not have a spare screw of the proper length, so will not be able to secure the lines with Adel clamps today … but when the screw comes in, it will all work out nicely.

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