Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Preparing The EGT Sensor Wiring

Yesterday’s work session was a somewhat abbreviated session as far as forward progress is concerned. Mike was working on his snowmobile so thought it was only fitting to return his kerosene heater back to his hangar so he could have some heat. Knowing it was going to get cold quickly in the hangar, did not start on anything major … but did get a chance to run all the firewall forward wires through the Adel clamp hung on the WD-1221 engine mount standoff. The wires coming from the grommet in the firewall were a jumbled mess, so they were untangled and fed through the Adel clamp one at a time until my fingers got cold enough I had to stop and head over to Mike’s hangar to warm up.

After finishing tidying up the wiring going through the Adel clamp, went back to the plans and was surprised to see the next step involved cutting off all four female spade connectors on the two Dynon supplied EGT sensors and replace them with female spade connectors. I had to scratch my head about that a bit … but upon inspecting the connectors on the sensors, quickly realized the body of the Dynon connector is just a bit larger than the connectors Van’s supplies with the RV-12 kit so then will not play nice together … plus they are a slightly different style in that the body has straight edges and not the rounded middle section like the Van’s spade connectors have. Also, it appears that the Dynon connectors have a much larger gap where the male spade connector would slip into the female connector compared to the Van’s supplied connector.
The two white connectors are the female spade connectors on the ends of the wires of the Dynon EGT sensor. The red connector is the Van’s connector … notice it has a rounded middle section and the gap where the male spade connector would slide into is much less which, in theory, should also lend itself to a tighter fit.

A note to fellow builders: The individual wires inside the Dynon EGT cable have some sort of heat protection woven around each wire. Care must be taken when stripping the wires to make sure all the fibers are removed from the wire so they don’t interfere with creating a good solid crimp on the wire.
The Dynon EGT sensor with the red connectors has been converted over to the Van’s supplied female spade connector. The sensor on the left still has the Dynon female spade connectors … but not for long.

Once converting the Dynon EGT sensor’s wires to the Van’s female spade connectors, the plans instruct the builder to place male spade connectors on the two wires inside each brown cable that makes up the WH-RV12-EGT exhaust gas temp wiring harness.

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