Friday, February 12, 2016

The WH-RV12-IGNITION Wiring Harness Installed

Continued working on the firewall forward wiring but got a little sidetracked doing some research of the wiring schematics and VAF forums regarding a couple of wiring enhancements planned to be incorporated in the coming days. As a result, only completed installing just a few wires … the WH-RV12-IGNITION wiring harness being among them.
The WH-RV12-IGNITION wiring harness ready to be connected to the ignition modules.

The WH-RV12-IGNITION wiring harness is made up of two shielded wires that require some attention to be installed correctly. The plans keep referring to the wires using color references of white/blue for the J-152 and blue for J-153 … however, as can be seen in the above photo, both wires in the harness are white. Fortunately, a yellow heat shrink identification band is placed on both ends of each wire. The J-152 and J-153 wires plug into the only vacant positions on the A1 and B1 plugs with J-153 going to the A1 connector and J-1532 going to the B1 connector.
Looking closely, the vacant connector position can be seen where the connectors are labeled A1 and B1.
Inserting the J-153 wire into the only vacant position on the A1 connector.

There is a portion of insulation that has been removed from both the J-152 & J-153 cables exposing the braided shielding underneath. The bare shielding needs to be carefully positioned under the metal clamp that supports the wiring harness for the A1 and B1 connectors … there should be no insulation under this metal clamp because it provides a ground for the shielding. When the shield for both cables is in position under the clamp, the M5 hex screw securing the clamp is to receive Loctite and be tightened to 22 inch pounds. Also, because this assembly was taken apart during engine preparations for mounting, care must be taken to insure the ground wire is also reattached under the head of the mounting M5 screw as can be seen in the second photo below.
The M5 hex screw securing the grounding clamp and ground wire is torqued to 22 inch pounds.
My finger is pointing to the ground wire and clamp that provides the grounding for the shielding on the J-152 and J-153 cables … only bare shielding should be under the clamp.

Both shielded wires in the WH-RV12-IGNITION wiring harness are to be run down along the main wiring harness for the ignition modules as can also be seen in the above photo.

At the other end of the WH-RV12-IGNITION wiring harness is a Molex connector housing which will interface to J-762 and J763. Here again, the wires are referred to in the plans by color but both wires are white … fortunately, they too have heat shrink identification bands. The both wires need to be inserted into the Molex connector so when the connector halves are mated together, J-762 mates with J-152 and J-763 mates with J-153.
The Molex connector at the end of the WH-RV12-IGNITION wiring harness connected to J-762 and J-763 (wires on the right) … the connector housing still needs to be secured with wire ties.

Still need to tie wrap the Molex connector, but one additional wire will need to pass by this location so will wait until it is in position before securing the connector housing.