Thursday, June 28, 2012

Assembling The Vertical Stabilizer For Riveting

Yesterday, the riveted vertical stabilizer skeleton was placed between the outer skins and secured with Clecos in preparation for riveting. This is the second time these pieces have been put together … the first time was for a trial fit and it was tricky because the leading edge of the skin tended to push the ribs askew making assembly a challenging. Based on the previous trial fit I was somewhat concerned that the dimples would make it even harder to get the ribs to align correctly due to a loss of clearance created by the dimples at the leading edge. Fortunately my fears were unfounded. ... In fact, the dimples made it way easier because they tended to hold the ribs in place once the ribs got into the correct position.

                                                   Slipping the vertical stabilizer skeleton between the skins.

                                    Securing the skin onto the vertical stabilizer skeleton with lots of Clecos.