Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rudder Construction Begins

The next component of the RV-12 build to complete is the rudder.  There are not a lot of components to the rudder … just a handful of small ribs, a spar, the rudder horn (where the rudder control cable connects) and a few pieces that get cut and filed smooth that make up the hinge brackets and the left and right spar caps.
                           The rudder construction begins with match drilling the rudder spar caps to the rudder spar.
                                   Close-up of the match drilling of the left and right spar caps to the rudder spar.
                         Preparing to cut the flange off one of the rudder ribs that will attach to the rudder horn.
                                      Filing a rudder rib smooth where the rear flange was removed from
                                      one of the ribs. This will allow it to be fitted to the rudder horn.

The only other thing that is necessary (other than the usual deburring and smoothing of edges) prior to the parts being ready for assembly, is a test fitting of the rudder spar to the previously assembled vertical stabilizer. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of that but will do so tomorrow. The purpose is basically to determine the size and number of washers (used as spacers) necessary to attach the two pieces and document the results for future assembly.