Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Custom Made Dimpling Tool

Those who know how fast an RV-12 can be built can tell things are not moving very fast at DOG Aviation. That said, there has been plenty of R&D going on behind the scenes. One example was the necessity of having a tool special made for the RV-12 project. Because the decision has been made to use flush rivets, that means all holes will need to be dimpled on the skins and ribs … a lot of extra work but the end result will be rewarding. There will be holes the C-frame can’t (or shouldn’t) reach so another approach is needed to make the necessary dimples at those locations. Those experienced with other RV’s that use pounded rivets may be familiar with the dimple dies that are used with a pop rivet puller for dimpling in tight places. The concept is simple, the dies are placed on either side of the skin hole to be dimpled and a nail is inserted through holes that are in the center of the dies. The nail is then placed into a hand pop rivet puller and the pop rivet puller is squeezed, pulling on the nail, thus compressing the dimple dies together making a dimple in the skin. Unfortunately, those specialty dies are for 3/32” rivets and are not readily available for the 1/8” holes which the RV-12 has.
                          The close quarter 120 degree dimple dies Bob Avery custom made for DOG Aviation.

Fortunately, Bob Avery from Avery Tools was willing to make the 120 degree dimple dies special for me. In fact, Bob told me he was wondering how long it was going to be before somebody building an RV-12 with flush rivets was going to ask for those specialty dimple dies.  Anyway, Bob quickly made them up and sent them right out. The close quarter dies were tested last week and they make perfect dimples … Thank you Bob!

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