Thursday, June 7, 2012

Undersized Rib Flange Holes

When doing the test fit of the vertical stabilizer skin to the vertical stabilizer skeleton I discovered the undersized holes other builders have mentioned.  I remembered reading about a hole being undersized on the first flange hole at the forward end of the VS-1207 rib, but that was a long time ago and figured it would have been resolved by the time my kit was assembled … apparently not.

                                                The undersized holes on VS-1207 are the ones on the first flanges
                                                on the left … both upper and lower.

Thus far, all the parts from Van’s have fit together perfectly (prior experience with Van’s parts has shown if it doesn’t fit, the assembly is being putting together incorrectly) … so when I saw the hole in the skin was aligned with the hole in the rib but I couldn’t get the Cleco into the hole, I knew something was wrong. Then I had a flashback and remembered reading about this minor issue.  Drilled the two holes out with a #30 drill bit and now all is well.

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