Thursday, June 28, 2012

Low Spray Gun Pressure Issue Resolved

Those following this Blog may remember my having some difficulties when attempting to prime parts a few days ago. One issue was low air pressure at the spray gun forcing me to remove the water separator and then just barely get enough air to paint. Because I needed to use a 50 foot hose, decided it best to use a 1/2" diameter hose to reduce the loss caused by the additional length so it came as a shock not to have enough pressure at the sun.

After doing some testing yesterday, my idea of using 1/2" hose to compensate for the longer length was spot on. The longer hose does allow more airflow. However, where things went bad was the at the 6’ lead-in hose with a swivel end I had placed on the end of the 50’ hose so the full weight of the large 1/2" hose would not be constantly pulling on the gun.

Never looked inside the connector but as it turns out, the swivel only has a 1/8" hole which created WAY to much restriction. I still like the idea of a 3/8" lead-in hose to reduce the weight at the gun so will find one that has no swivel.
   One can see the tiny 1/8" hole deep inside the connector. It offers way to much restriction when spray painting.