Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wing Kit Arrives!!!

It came as somewhat of a shock when DOG Aviation received the call from FedEx saying they had two crates ready for delivery. Wasn’t expecting the wings for at least another two weeks. But it will be good having the parts here so when the empennage is completed, there will not be any down time waiting for parts to arrive.
                                               Ken (the FedEx delivery driver who delivered the empennage kit)
                                               amazed me once again with his skill at backing up that big rig to
                                               the DOG Aviation receiving bay.
                                 Moving the crate containing the wing spars to clear the way for the second crate.
                                                Crate containing the wing skins, ribs and miscellaneous wing
                                                components. Notice anyone with a big Cheshire cat grin?
                       After signing for the delivery, Ken and I took a few moments to catch up on how his family
                              was doing along with his expressed interest in following the construction of the airplane kit.

After the parts delivery, spent the next hour or so doing a little cleaning and rearranging things so all the crates had a home and out of the way (mostly). Having most everything on wheels makes for easy rearrangements.