Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Stabilator Ribs Prepped

A painting and wallpaper project has delayed priming the parts that are ready to go. (My first experience at removing wallpaper … I’m now convinced wallpaper is the way previous property owners get even with current owners of the property. Wallpaper is evil).

Still managed to get in a couple of hours of work on the RV-12 so began working on deburring some of the stabilator ribs with the 1” Scotch-brite wheel. The stabilator has quite a few ribs so was only able to get about half the stabilator’s ribs deburred.
                                        Deburring a stabilator rib with the Scotch-brite wheel on an air grinder.
One can tell the 1”Scotch-brite wheel has been getting a lot of use as of late. Lots of groves from the various gauges of aluminum that have been deburred thus far.