Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sanchem CC-6100 Faux Pas

Houston we have a problem – yesterday evening I placed some parts that were prepped with the Sanchem part “C” cleaner/activator the evening before into the CC-6100 solution and they did not appear to convert to any shade of a golden hue.

The evening before I decided to try to save a little time and just prep a pile of ribs along with a handful of the smaller parts. My thinking was all the parts would be prepped and ready to go into the CC-6100 solution the next day so all the parts were scrubbed with a maroon Scotch-brite pad with the part “C” cleaner/activator solution in advance.

That was a really bad idea ... none of the first few pieces that were placed into the CC-6100 solution converted. Apparently there is more to this process than meets the eye. I was forced to reapply the cleaner/activator, rinse and then place the parts into the CC-6100 before they would convert.

Apparently, the “activator” is only good for a limited amount of time regardless of whether the part is wet from the rinse or dried … and that time is less than 24 hours. I do know I can do 3 or 4 ribs and let then set around awhile, say 30 minutes, and they appear to convert fine so do not know what the time limit is … guess a call or Email to Sanchem is in order.

Another interesting observation - a few of the small pieces that were rinsed and dried after the cleaner/activator were placed in a plastic tray with a Bounty paper towel on the bottom. Those parts, even after being rescrubbed with the cleaner/activator, showed the pattern of the paper towel after coming out of the CC-6100 solution. So it appears setting activated parts on paper towels is also “NOT” a good idea.