Thursday, July 19, 2012

The RV-12 Grows Another Tail Feather - Rudder Completed

Even though getting a late afternoon start, the rudder was finished in just a few hours of riveting and shirt moistening sweat fron the heat and humidity. Everything fit together perfectly and I must say, the flush rivets add a nice touch … the rudder looks great!
                            Installing Clecos to hold the rudder skin tightly onto the rudder’s ribs and spar.

My childhood partner in crime and long time friend Bernie stopped by on his way home from work for an hour or so to see the progress on the RV-12 … perfect timing, put Bernie to work helping with the rudder assembly.
                           Bernie helping by installing a few Clecos to hold the rudder skin onto the rudder skeleton.
                                                 Bernie trying out the pneumatic rivet puller for the first time.

Jan’s nephew Jordan is visiting us from Columbus and has been helping with a painting and wallpaper removal project.  Thought Jordan may want to try out the pneumatic rivet puller so invited him to join me at the DOG Aviation assembly facility to pull some rivets.
                              Jordan using the pneumatic rivet puller to rivet the rudder skin onto the rudder’s spar.
                         Can’t let everyone have all the fun with the pneumatic riveter so I got into the act as well.

                                 Holding the finished rudder assembly ... another tail feather completed!

One tiny downside of using flush rivets is the rivet is virtually hidden by the tip of the pneumatic puller so that made it a little more difficult to see if the puller was square on the rivet. One had to lean over and look at the point of contact with the rivet to make sure the rivet puller is squarely on the rivet. After doing quite a few rivets, we got the idea of holding the rudder perpendicular to the table … now all you have to do is look down to see the point of contact which made the riveting much much easier and faster.