Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stabilator Ribs Deburred - Ready For Dimples

The wallpaper removal project is turning into a time sucking abyss and will continue to be for another day or two.  That said, progress was made on the airplane … the replacement hinge (replacing the hinge I incorrectly aerated by drilling to many holes), was delivered yesterday so today it was carefully cut to size and drilled using the drilling template (with tape over the "do not drill here holes") … no screw ups this time. Also had enough time to finish up deburring the remainder of the stabilator ribs with the 1” Scotch-brite wheel.  Guess until there is enough time to prep all the parts with Sanchem and then prime, I can begin dimpling the stabilator components beginning with the ribs.
                                               Most all of the stabilator parts ready to go except the dimpling
                                               necessary for the change I’m making to flush blind (pop) rivets.
                       Rudder and anti-servo parts all deburred and  dimpled .. ready for Sanchem and priming.

Guess I will need to continue doing little things until I have the time to commit to a non-stop Sanchem session followed by priming. There are plenty of parts to play with so even though items are not necessarily being assembled at the moment, parts are being readied for the quick completion of more tail feathers.