Monday, July 16, 2012

Primer – Without The Mess This Time

Although quite warm (90 degrees or so) it was, by in large, a calm morning so decided to prime parts. This time there was no paint leaking everywhere because I remembered to place the lid on the disposable spray paint cup system … there was plenty of pressure at the gun so we were good to go. I mixed a double batch of paint and still ran out but by then I was getting overheated from wearing a spray paint suit, breathing through a respirator and standing in the hot sun spraying … plus tromping back and forth to store wet parts inside did not help matters either.

By in large the parts turned out good except for a couple of places where I got the primer  on a little heavier than I would have preferred. No runs but you can tell it is thick in some places. Still trying to master the spray gun .. guess it is a learning curve. It is very cool that with the disposable paint cup system, you can paint upside down or sideways. Found myself spraying with the gun sideways a few times and never ran out of primer.

If you ask me, the biggest challenge is holding small parts like brackets or small ribs without leaving marks on them. There is so much air pressure coming out of the tip of the gun the smaller pieces want to fly so you need to use a small wire or string to secure the item. I ran a board across the back of the table and placed some nails in it to wrap some wire on so smaller pieces could be suspended and turned while being sprayed. Worked, but the parts still want to fly and sometimes the wire would be pushed into the paint because the part would twist atound under the spray pressure.