Sunday, July 15, 2012

Preparing Stabilator Parts For Sanchem CC-6100

Prepared a large pile of ribs and the stabilator forward spar today with the Sanchem part “C” cleaner/activator. I knew I would not have enough time today to clean all the parts and then dip all the parts in the Sanchem CC-6100 solution. So decided to clean everything with Acetone then scuff the parts using the part “C” cleaner/activator with a Scotch-brite pad. Finished them all today and plan to dip them tomorrow in the CC-6100 solution.
                                                                 Cleaning a stabilator rib with Acetone.

                              Scrubbing a stabilator rib with the part”C” cleaner/activator on a Scotch-brite pad.

I have found the Scotch-brite pads need to be changed every two or three ribs. They can be used longer but require much more rubbing (which adds even more time) before the metal looks dull.
                                     A comparison of a finished rib on the right and an unfinished rib on the left. 
                                     The one on the left reflects the sky but not the one on the right.

Based on previous use, the metal must be scoured until there is no shininess left on the surface. Shiny spots appear not to convert when placed in the CC-6100 solution so a dull finish is required over the entire part.