Friday, July 6, 2012

Sweltering Heat Grips DOG Aviation

No plans were made to work on the RV-12 over the weekend because of an interest to attend a hot rod and custom car show in Columbus. However, with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees and 105 forecasted for Columbus on Saturday, decided it best not to head down there to attend the outdoor event so went to work in the shop to tie up couple of lose ends.

There were only a couple of items that needed to be addressed before all of the anti-servo tab parts would be ready for metal prep and priming. The sweltering heat necessitated a couple of short work sessions to finish off the AST parts.  The dimples were placed in the last two holes at the narrow end of all the AST ribs using the C-clamp mentioned in an earlier post with the custom made 120 degree dies. No hitches there ... dimples turned out great! The other item that needed to be addressed was the deburring of the two AST spars with the 1” Scotch-brite wheel along with the edges of the AST skins. Now all the parts for the AST are ready for the Sanchem CC-6100 metal treatment and then priming.

Had a look ahead in the plans to see if I could get a few more parts ready to prime but the next item is the stabilator spar box and there are four long pieces that need to be countersunk first thing … so not wanting to rearrange all the parts to free up work bench space, decided to call it quits for the day.

Will set up in the shade tomorrow and move on to the Sanchem CC-6100 metal prep and perhaps priming of the rudder parts and anti-servo tab parts on Sunday if it is not to hot.