Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bad Weather Spurs Hangar 45 Upgrades

Because the recent rain and cold has not been conducive for spraying Jet-Flex interior paint on the now primed RV-12’s interior components ... decided to head over to the airport and make some infrastructure improvements to DOG Aviation’s future home at hangar 45. The hangar only has two outlets ... which, given the hangar's size, is rather anemic so measurements were taken and the DOG Aviation procurement department quickly amassed conduit, plus fittings and the makings for a few new outlets. Mike lent a helping hand and the conduit, electrical boxes and wiring was installed in no time. A total of three additional outlets were installed. An additional overhead light is also being installed but at the time, we did not have a ladder tall enough to reach the overhead beams nor did we have the beam clamps necessary to hang the overhead conduit. Forgot to take the camera, so don’t have any photos to share at this time.

After the primer session last Thursday, there were a couple ounces of Akzo primer left over ... so since it seems to easily keep for a few days if frozen, decided to place the unused  portion into the freezer to extend its useful life for use in the airbrush (hopefully tomorrow)on the following two small jobs.

The F-1256-L&R fuselage stiffeners were separated on the band saw, deburred and all but the very bottom hole on both stiffeners were dimpled for the 120 degree flush rivets being used on the RV-12 project. (The very bottom hole on each of the F-1256 stiffeners resides in the no dimple zone declared in previous posts). Figured since the stiffeners don’t have much surface area, they can be airbrushed with the left over primer.

Also, each of the F-1270 fuselage skins have an area that will be overlapped by the F-1277-L&R turtle deck skins. So the F-1277 turtle deck skin was temporally secured onto the fuselage skins with Clecos and the blue protective film was melted from the overlapping area with a soldering iron. The leftover Akzo will also be airbrushed onto the overlap area on the fuselage skins as well.