Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Large Print Giveth … Small Print Taketh Away

Due to cold overnight temps and less than optimum daytime temperatures, decided to hold off until tomorrow to spray the Jet-Flex interior paint on the recently primed fuselage parts visible from inside the cockpit.

In the mean time, wanted to install a new high output, four light fluorescent light fixture DOG Aviation’s procurement department recently secured. The new light fixture has a very highly polished reflector and utilizes the new T5 high output, 4,100K fluorescent tubes. Outfitted with 4 high output fluorescent tubes, this fixture cranks out a whopping 20,000 lumens ... perfect for the hangar.

Mike was able to contact a friend who works at one of the FBO’s on the field and we were able to borrow a 16 foot step ladder to install the new overhead light fixture. The light will be centered over the T hanger’s recess for the tail section. The euphoric feeling of being jazzed about Mike being able to procure a tall ladder to allow access to the hanger’s roof beams quickly faded away when the light fixture’s box was opened. We quickly realized the two loops at either end of the light fixture used to hang the light fixture were not in the box … even though they were shown on the light fixture pictured on the outside of the box. We had some light duty chain for hanging the light, but now had no way of connecting the chain to the light fixture. Turning the box over reveled the small print stating the hangers are an optional purchase. The large print giveth … and the small print taketh away. That forced us to make yet another trip to Home Depot and Aircraft Supply to purchase four S hooks to attach to eyelets on the light fixture and the aforementioned chain.
Mike positioning the borrowed 16 foot step ladder.
Fortunately, Mike had some beam clamps and bridle rings, so we hung the light fixture from beam clamps that had bridle rings attached. The beam clamps and bridle rings were also used to secure the wire between the light and the hangar’s wall where the switched outlet was installed … way overkill, but the bridle rings made running the light’s power cord a piece of cake.
Up on the ladder about to install another beam clamp and bridle ring to secure the light’s power cord.
Using a nut driver to secure a beam clamp onto the overhead beam. 
The electrical outlets are still not totally completed because the light switch for the new overhead fixture still needs to be installed in the electrical box. However, due to other commitments, we were not able to finish the job today. There is really only about 15 minutes of work left to do and all the electrical upgrades will be finished. At some point in the future, will likely add two more lights and perhaps an outlet on the hangar’s forward right wall.