Sunday, August 31, 2014

F-1202Y Strut Attach Angles Match Drilled

Short work session today but managed to make more forward progress by way of match drilling both the F-1202Y strut attach angles.  The strut attach angles were riveted onto the F-1202H-L&R canopy ribs many weeks ago and now that the top of the longerons were drilled for the panel base, those holes are now used to match drill the F-1202Y strut attach angle. The F-1202H-L&R canopy ribs were secured onto the panel base with Clecos so that two holes could be match drilled into the F-1202Y strut attach angles.
F-1202H-L canopy rib Clecoed in place so the F-1202Y strut attach angle can receive two holes there my fingers are pointing.
 Match drilling the F-1202Y strut attach angle to the recently drilled holes in the left longeron.

After the F-1202Y strut attach angle on the left side was match drilled, the F-1202Y on the right side was match drilled in the same fashion. The assemblies were then removed for deburring.