Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tying Down Some Lose Ends - Wires

Thought today would be a good time for tying down some lose ends - wiring. The accessory power socket still required a +12 volt wire connection, along with the accompanying ground wire which attaches to the ground point on the inboard seat rib.  Another lose item that required attention is the termination of all the ground wires from the shielded cables used for the strobe and wig-wag lighting.  The current plan is to group the grounds for the shielded cables together using a butt splice and run a single wire from the butt splice to the ground point on the inboard ribs.
Connecting the +12volt wire to the accessory power socket after a female spade connector was crimped onto the end of the wire.

While about to attach the accessory power socket’s ground wire to the ground point, it occurred to me I’ll need yet another ground wire for the switches in the control stick grips that were procured at Oshkosh. So not knowing if there will be a need for additional grounds down the road, decided to crimp two wires together in a ring connector so if something comes up that needs to be tied to a ground point, there will be a spare ground wire available on each side of the fuselage to do so. A contributing reason for doing this is although the ground point on the seat rib looks accessible, trying to attach the multiple ground ring terminals while holding the screw of the Adel clamp, then placing on the screw and threading the nut in place using only finger tips is difficult.
The ring connector that has the two ground wires and the ring connector for a shielded cable ground need to join the ground wire seen on the Adel clamp.

Sadly, I did not finish the job of tying down all the grounds. By the time I got to this point, the shop was very hot and humid so I decided it would be best to work on it in the morning.