Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shielded Cable Grounding Completed

Had a short session in the shop but was able to finish up the grounding of the shielded cables used for the nav/strobe & wig-wag wiring. A butt splice was used to connect all the ground wires together to a single ground point on one of the inboard seat ribs. The ground wires are a little long … but that made it easier to crimp the butt splice and the ring terminal. After the connector crimping was completed, the ring terminal was connected to the ground point on the inboard rib. Also, the stick grip and spare ground wires assemblies made yesterday were connected to the ground point on the inboard seat ribs. Once all the wiring was in place and connected, the wires were dressed with cable ties.
The shielded cable's ground wires all dressed with cable ties.

The other item completed in today’s shop session was finishing up connecting the ground wire to the +12 power outlet and dressing the power outlet’s wires and auxiliary audio cables with wire ties. Van's suggests securing the auxiliary audio connector to the top of the power outlet with a wire tie so that is what was done.
Auxiliary audio wires and power outlet wires dressed with wire ties.