Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RV-12 Seat Back Assemblies Completed – Almost

After returning from Oshkosh with renewed vigor, took a day to rest up and somehow, while taking it easy, I managed to tweak my back. Have no idea what I did or when, but last Tuesday my back began acting up. Working through the pain Wednesday, was able to get the JetFlex sprayed on all the parts that were primed just prior to leaving for Oshkosh. From last Wednesday till today have just stayed away from the shop so my back could settle down.

Today decided on completing the seat backs which needed to have the painted upper and lower hinge halves riveted in place. The hinges, which were sprayed many weeks ago with JetFlex, were all that was holding up completing the seat assemblies. Thought this would be an easy task to complete without putting my back in any compromising positions. So work commenced riveting the upper and lower hinges onto both seat backs.
Securing the upper forward hinge in position on one of the seat back assemblies with Clecos prior to riveting.
Riveting the upper forward hinge onto one of the seat back assemblies with LP4-3 pop rivets using the hand rivet puller.
Riveting the lower hinge onto the one of the seat back assemblies using the hand rivet puller.

After a seemingly very long time away from actually assembling RV-12 parts, it was good to hear the sounds of rivet mandrels popping …  sounds of forward progress when assembling an RV-12.
Completed seat assemblies … well almost.

Next on the agenda was riveting the F-1237F aft hinges onto the beat back position adjuster. Hmmm … where are the two painted F-1237F aft hinges?  After looking through all the painted parts in the shop to no avail, I finally found the missing aft hinges still Clecoed onto the seat back position adjusters of all places.  You can see where this is going … the hinges were overlooked for primer and paint so will need to mix up a small batch of primer and topcoat with JetFlex. Darn … yet another roadblock.
The unpainted hinges were found Clecoed onto the already painted seat back position adjusters.

Here I thought all the painting was out of the way … need to get right on this because want to have most all the painting out of the way prior to the upcoming move to the airport.