Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Final Parking Brake Position Determined

After running errands and working on non aviation related items at the hangar, there was enough time left in the day to finalize the position of the Matco parking brake and drill the mounting holes in the F-1217A-R right tunnel rib. The Matco parking brake assembly was mounted 1/2" below the flange on the tunnel rib this allows just enough clearance for the screws that secure the tunnel cover onto the tunnel ribs. Mounting the unit high will also offer plenty of clearance away from the rudder cable assembly.
Matco parking brake assembly mounted and temporally bolted in position so the brake lines continuing on down the center tunnel can be correctly measured and cut.

Have decided to mount the assembly with an AN525-10R20 screw which will need to be ordered. A 10R18 could be used if the builder decides to not use a Nyloc nut. (I’m pretty sure the 10R20 will be long enough if not, will make a correction to this post). With the permanent position of the parking brake finalized, the brake lines from the parking brake going aft through the center tunnel to the center channel landing gear mounts can now be cut and installed.