Saturday, November 1, 2014

Locating A Home For The Matco Parking Brake

Due to outside forces the last work session was abbreviated …. plenty of time was spent at the hangar, but little meaningful actual work on the RV-12.  One of the things accomplished was temporally placing the rudder/brake assembly in its general position so a permanent home for the Matco parking brake could be determined. The Matco parking brake is not part of the Van’s kit … but a nicety being added to the DOG Aviation RV-12. For the trial fit, the white blocks that hold the rudder/brake assembly together were held together with wire ties.
Rudder pedal/brake assembly temporally setting in place so measurements for the Matco parking brake can be made.
Looks like the Matco parking brake will end up on the right center tunnel rib in this general area.

Decided not to drill any holes for the parking brake mounting so will take up this task during the next work session.