Sunday, November 9, 2014

Plumbing The Matco Parking Brake Completed

In spite of a limited work session Saturday, was able to finish measuring and cutting the poly brake line tubing along with installing the compression fittings for the brake lines that attach to the aft end of the Matco parking brake. The Adel clamp for holding the brake lines to the right tunnel rib was loosely screwed in position so fairly accurate measurements could be made for cutting the poly brake line tubing.  Once cut marks were made, the brake lines were pulled forward so there would be enough slack to cut the lines and install the components for the compression fittings onto the brake lines. Once again, placing a very thin film of CorrosionX on the tubing made assembling the fittings much easier following the procedure described in an earlier post.
Pressing the brass insert into one of the poly brake lines. Masking tape was used around the tubing to keep the nut and sleeve out of the way.

Sweeping the brake lines underneath the fuel line worked out quite well. The brake lines clear both the bottom skin and the fuel line nicely, plus the Adel clamp will secure their positioning and keep the brake lines out of the way of the rudder cable when it is installed.
Finished attachment of the brake lines to the aft end of the Matco parking brake.

None of the brake lines are tightened yet because the rudder/brake pedal assembly is just temporarily sitting on the tunnel ribs … it will now be removed until such time as the tail cone is attached and a few more wires are pulled in for the buttons on the not yet discussed Tosten stick grips that were purchased at Oshkosh. That said, one can see from the photo below how the overall fit is of the entire assembly.
Rudder/brake pedal assembly temporarily sitting on the tunnel ribs and connected to the Matco parking brake.
It is unfortunate Aircraft Specialty came out with the vinyl coated braided Teflon brake line kit for the RV-12 after the bottom skin was riveted in place on the DOG Aviation RV-12. It would have been nice to have had the entire brake system made from braided Teflon brake line. That said, the Aircraft Specialty RV-12 brake line kit configured for the Matco parking brake is a quality offering and should last for many years. I’m very pleased with the quality of Aircraft Specialty’s custom hoses and their great customer service.