Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Angle Of Attack Indicator Tubing Connection Finalized

Prior to installing the wings a couple of days ago the final routing of the Tygon tubing used for the AOA indicator was finalized. The Tygon tubing and Luer Lock quick disconnect connectors were purchased through McMaster Carr were covered in the following post many moons ago.


The Tygon tubing for the AOA was routed behind the left electrical connector and coiled long ago … the tubing makes its way to the ADAHRS mounted in the tail cone. A hole large enough for a tiny grommet was drilled in the F-00032 side cover for the blue electrical connector just aft of the connector as can be seen in the following photo. The grommet was snapped into the hole and the Tygon tubing was routed through the hole and a Luer Lock quick disconnect was attached to the Tygon Tubing. The DOG Aviation procurement department also purchased protective caps for the Luer Lock quick disconnects so when the wings are off the fuselage, the connectors and Tygon tubing can be protected from dirt or insects.
A 3/16" hole was drilled into the F-00032 side cover aft of the blue electrical connector and a tiny SB-178-2 grommet was inserted so the Tygon tubing would not ride on the sharp edge of an aluminum hole. The one half of the Luer Lock quick disconnect can be seen here.
This photo shows the protective cap placed on the Luer Lock quick disconnect to protect debris from entering Luer Lock fitting when not mated to the Tygon tubing coming from the left wing.
Tygon tubing at the left wing root with Luer Lock quick disconnect attached along with a protective cap. After this photo was taken, a wire tie was used to support the tubing in place of the pull string it is currently on.

One of the reasons the wings came off again is because there were a few tight spots between the flaperon and fuselage … plus, the spar pins were VERY tight. After careful analysis, it appears the F-1204R retainer blocks could use a little trimming which will be covered in a future post.