Sunday, July 3, 2016

T-1211 Fuel Filler Neck Assembly & Fuel Tank Venting Installed

To complete the fuel system the only steps remaining was installing the T-1211 fuel filler neck assembly and the new T-1219C vent pipe which was installed and the fitting tightened. The holes and nutplates were installed on the T-1211 long ago and the mating area on the turtle deck around the filler neck was masked off to minimize the fuel tank sealant mess. All that was required now to complete the job was mixing up a small batch of fuel tank sealant and slather it in onto the flange on the fuel filler neck then mate the assembly to the turtle deck.

Van’s plans suggests using car wax as a release agent so the filler neck assembly can be easily separated from the turtle deck ... which will be necessary for fuel tank removal. I elected to slather Vaseline on the turtle deck skin as the release agent. The assembly went fast, prior to mixing the tank sealant, the T-1212 rubber fuel neck collar was slipped up on the fuel filler neck and two band clamps were placed on the fuel tank. After the tank sealant was mixed, the flange on the fuel filler neck was given a liberal slathering of sealant and the fuel filler neck was carefully mated to the turtle deck with six screws. The screws are tightened until the tank sealant begins to ooze out evenly around the filler and turtle deck junction. The screws are not to be tightened fully because the idea here is to make a gasket that becomes part of the flange on the T-1211 fuel filler neck and is reusable.
Tightening the band clamps for the T-1212 rubber fuel neck collar.
Completed instillation of the fuel tank filler neck and new fuel tank venting system. The RV-12’s fuel system is now 100% completed.