Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Carburetor Choke Controls Installed – Ready for Engine Start

Yesterday, did make it to the hangar for a short work session to finish up installing the remaining control cables on the carburetors which consisted of the two choke cables. Installing the choke cables is a snap … the control cables are routed to the carburetors and inserted into a curved cable mount tube attached to the carburetors. As with the throttle cables, the longer of the two choke cables is installed on the right carburetor. The attachment of the choke cables to the carburetor is much simpler than the throttle cables, in that, the cable slips through a CT-00100 wire swivel with set screw.
As can be seen in the photo of the drawings, the choke cable is attached to the carburetors using a CT-00100 wire swivel with set screw.

The choke cable instillation is simplistic … with the choke control lever on the instrument panel positioned all the way in (choke off), route the choke cable through the curved cable mount tube, insert the CT-00100 wire swivel into the choke lever on the carburetor, slip the cable through the tiny hole in the wire swivel and lock down the cable with an Allan set screw.
Routing the left carburetor's choke cable through the curved cable mount tube attached to the Rotax 912's carburetor.

After inserting the choke cable in the wire swivel, the slack was pulled out of the cable while the Allan set screw was snugged up. Final tightening of the set screw was done while holding the wire swivel with a wrench to prevent the cable from twisting.
Holding the wire swivel with a wrench while using an Allan wrench to tighten the set screw onto the choke cable.
Completed throttle and choke cable instillation on the right carburetor ... the excess ends of the control cables still need to be cut shorter.

Basically, at this point the RV-12 is complete construction wise. There are a few items left to do but for the most part it is just attaching things that have already been fitted such as the rear window, bolting on the canopy, bolting on the steps, screwing the ELT antenna in place, etc.

There are a few items left to figure out such as mounting the new voltage regulator (may just install the original Ducati on the firewall shelf for the time being), installing the parking brake and placing foil at strategic locations on the inside of the lower cowl. Oh, can’t forget about putting coolant in the engine, bleeding the brakes, not to mention performing the fuel flow test and fuel level sender calibration on the SkyView. So I’ll still be busy the next few days.