Thursday, July 14, 2016

The RV12’s Rear Window Instillation Completed

Yesterday, in spite of the heat, high humidity and mostly calm air which really kicked up the temperature inside the DOG Aviation hangar, the decision was made to move forward and install the rear window with the help of young and agile Blake. Blake has been doing the trimming of the bushes and weeding of flower beds at the house for a couple of years now. Blake, being thin and agile, was the perfect choice for crawling into the cockpit and assisting with the installation of the rear window. In spite of the heat and humidity in the hangar, Blake still was excited about doing the job.

With Blake’s assistance, the rear window was positioned on the turtle deck skins and roll bar … after some fussing around, we were finally able to get the holes in alignment so screws could be inserted. Admittedly, I did not put any fuel tank sealant on the rear window in the area of the fuel tank’s filler neck. My thoughts on this are … Van’s now has the new Plexiglas window available which was not available at the time the finishing kit was ordered.  The Plexiglas is preferable because it won’t craze when (not a matter of if) fuel gets on it. However, figured may as well use the polycarbonate window that was shipped with the kit until it begins having issues with crazing … at which time, it will be very easy to remove since it will not be glued in place with hard to remove fuel tank sealant. The molded Plexiglas window is my preference.
Blake pushing down on the rear window to seat it onto the roll bar which helped align the holes as I inserted screws.

Basically, after placing screws in all the holes, the screws were drawn tight in two steps. Blake turned the nuts on the inside of the baggage area with a nut driver until he felt the resistance change as I held a Philips screwdriver on the screw heads on the outside. Once all the screws were somewhat snug, a second pass was made using fingertip snugness so as to not create any cracks in the window.
After the window was positioned, Blake’s job was to place washers and nuts onto the screws and then use a nut driver to gently snug them up.
Completed instillation of the RV-12’s rear window.