Monday, June 22, 2015

T-01219 Fuel Tank Vent Installed

Continued working on trying to salvage the T-01219 fuel tank vent tubing that was started yesterday. For some reason I was having difficulty getting the tubing bent to look like the drawing by using the bending guides. Even tried to use a piece of stiff wire and bend it the way the bending guides would imply the tubing should be bent and had no joy.

Decided to disregard the bending pattern altogether and do it the old fashion way … what do I need to do to get from point A to point B? Armed with my trusty tubing Bend-O-Matic and a pencil to do some math, was able to salvage the piece of tubing by adding an additional bend … that coupled with a little Kung Fu grip tweaking, was able to end up with a respectable instillation. The F-01296 bracket was riveted in place (flipped from the way shown in the plans because everything fit better that way) and the F-01219 fuel tank vent tubing was attached onto it using an Adel clamp.
Trial fit - after bending the tubing and doing a few tweaks it looks encouraging. The tubing was taped onto the “T’ to obtain a dimensional reference. The “T” is supported by a piece of tubing that was inserted into the hole in the baggage bulkhead from the forward side. Looks like it’s time to move forward and mount the tubing permanently.

Once satisfied with the overall fit of the F-01219 fuel tank vent tubing, the FLF-00006 “T” was prepared per the instructions to accept the 1/8” vinyl air line, which serves as the siphon breaker.  The assembly was placed back inside the tail cone and, although awkward, I was able to sit on the edge of the baggage bulkhead and lean inside the tail cone to mount the Adel clamp and install the wire ties which secure the vinyl air line onto the F-01219 fuel tank vent tubing.
The upper portion of the finished F-01219 fuel tank vent tubing and the vinyl fuel vent air line both attached onto the FLF-00006 “T” and secured by the Adel clamp.
Lower portion of the F-01219 fuel tank vent tubing installed in the Adel clamp and running down and through a grommet which was placed in the 1/2" hole in the tail cone bottom skin.

Builders can see the bends don’t exactly look like the drawing, but the outcome is the same and another "to do" item is completed … well not totally. Savvy viewers may have noticed the 1/8" vinyl line is not connected yet. I would prefer to have a helper for this step. A baffle rivet (like the ones used for the static air ports) needs to be set and the mandrel pounded out. The vinyl line will be slipped onto the shop head of the now hollow rivet. The plan is to partially set the baffle rivet so there is more rivet for the tubing to slide over. My main concern is pounding out the mandrel may dent the thin aluminum … so want to have a helper hold a block of wood with a hole drilled in it to brace the metal from inside while the mandrel is being pounded out.