Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tweaking The Canopy Fairing Lay-up

Today, I decided to add a couple of layers of cloth to the left and right side of the canopy fairing lay-up in the area where the glass cloth got depressed above the canopy frame arms. The reason being is so filler will not need to be laid on so thick in this area. Did not want to waste a full pump of epoxy resin for such small pieces, so taking the advice of builder Bob in Wisconsin, I made plunger stops for the pumps so they only depress half of their full range … thus dispensing half the amount of resin and hardener. It would be a nice touch if West Systems would provide plunger stops with the dispenser kit for those small batches that are so often needed … because I see a few small batches of micro filler on the horizon.
Wooden stops made for the resin and hardener pumps to only allow half the normal amount of resin and hardener to be dispensed.

After making the plunger stops, they were quickly put to use. I used some tracing paper and made a template for cutting strips of cloth to help fill the depressions above the canopy frame arms. A small batch of epoxy resin was mixed and two strips of cloth were applied to the depression and covered with peal-ply. It looks like the remaining imperfections on the left side can be filled with filler but the right side may benefit from one additional layer.
Two narrow plies of glass cloth were applied to the depressions on both sides and covered with peal-ply. Here on the right side it is hard to see, but there is still a little dip under the peal-ply in the area between my fingers.

Of note: I should have been wearing the above T-shirt last Friday during phase one of the canopy lay-up.