Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baggage Bulkhead & Roll Bar Brace Completed

A short session in the shop today produced two finished components. First, the baggage bulkhead assembly was riveted onto the F-1207B bulkhead and the aft flanges of the F-1224-L&R baggage floors.
Riveting the baggage bulkhead onto the aft flange of the F-1224-L baggage floor.

Secondly, the F-1232B-L&R roll bar brackets were riveted onto the F-1232A roll bar brace and then the roll bar brace assembly was riveted into position between the roll bar and the baggage bulkhead assembly.
Using the pneumatic rivet puller to rivet the F-1232B-R roll bar brackets onto the F-1232A roll bar brace.
Riveting the roll bar brace assembly onto the roll bar assembly.
Riveting the aft end of the roll bar brace onto the baggage bulkhead.
Completed roll bar brace … yep, it’s sturdy.