Friday, February 28, 2014

RV-12's Flightline Interior Arrives

Did not actually work on the RV-12 today due to other commitments, but did have some time in the morning to open the recently delivered RV-12 seating and baggage compartment carpeting kit. Before going on further, I want to say I’m very pleased with the quality of the components and stitching .... it looks great!

 I spoke to Abby at Flightline a while back and decided to upgrade the seating to leather and get a close matching vinyl for the carpet kit in the baggage area. I was thinking all leather seats were ordered but when the seats were received, they were a combination of leather and cloth. I must say it looks OK, but just not quite what I was expecting.  I would imagine the cloth inserts will be cooler to sit on during the hot and humid Midwest summer days (if we ever see any this year).  I’ll give them a try and can always go all leather if I don’t like them at a later date.

The lighting for the following photos was a mix of morning sunlight (first in a long time) and florescent lighting plus an occasional flash … so the true colors are off a bit.
Right seat and upper baggage bulkhead covering.

The carpet kit is designed to have the carpet lay on the baggage floor and then up and over the top of the fuel tank. There is a carpeted panel that will go from the fuel tank to the left skin that has a really nice storage pouch sewn onto it. The upper baggage bulkhead cover also has a nice clear pouch attached to it for displaying the aircraft registration paperwork.
Baggage compartment carpet kit components.
Both seat cushions and baggage bulkhead cover in position.

Seeing how nice and well made Flightline’s components are and especially how nice looking the storage pouch is, I’ve decided to order the pilot and co-pilot carpet kit and also get interior panels with pouches. They should just look great and be really functional.