Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fuselage – Time To Grow Vertically

Riveting of the F-1205C mid fuselage brace closeout onto the F-1205A was completed today as well as the riveting of the F-1205B-L&R roll bar attach plates. With the mid fuselage brace now riveted in place, the center section has just gained a lot of rigidity.
Using the pneumatic rivet puller to rivet the F-1205C closeout onto the F-1205A mid fuselage brace.
Riveting the F-1205B-L roll bar attach plate – rivet holes on the forward edge of the roll bar attach plates receive CS4-4 flush rivets because the roll bar mounts on top of them.

Time to go vertical - the next order of business was to rivet the F-1203H-L&R armrest brackets onto the F-1203G-L&R bulkhead channels then mounting the channels onto the F-1203A bulkhead. This was followed by riveting the F-1202E-L&R bulkhead channels onto the F-1202F bulkhead. Riveting the F-1202E channels in place proved to be a little challenging because there is little room for the rivet puller and the trick of bending the rivet's mandrel and using an AEX wedge was employed … not difficult just a little time consuming.
Clecoing the F-1203G-R bulkhead channel onto the F-1203A bulkhead for riveting.
Using the close quarter hand rivet puller to rivet the F-1202E-L bulkhead channel onto the F-1202F bulkhead … access is tight for some of the rivets and requires use of the AEX wedge.
Four new vertical channels to attach more goodies onto.

The F-1248-L&R armrests were next … they require being Clecoed in place onto the newly installed channels and then two tabs, one at each end, require being matched drilled. At this point I spotted a potential alignment problem … the aft edge of the right armrest did not touch the F-1204C forward bulkhead. There was slightly less than a 1/16” gap. The left side was OK.  At this point I decided to test fit the side skin … with the all the vertical holes aligned, the gap closed ... so I can move on with no worries. Did take advantage of the moment for a photo op.
Clecoing the F-1248-R armrest in position. Zooming in on the photo, the small gap mentioned above can easily be seen at the aft flange of the armrest.
Right side skin temporally in position to hold alignment for the match drilling of the tabs on the right armrest. Hard to see in this photo but the gap at the armrest’s aft flange is now closed.

Decided to call it quits for the day and will do the match drilling tomorrow and hopefully get the longerons in position for drilling as well.