Saturday, July 4, 2015

RV-12 Rudder Cable Rigging Completed

Continuing on with the rudder cable rigging from the previous work session, the previously marked F-1258 links were removed from the rudder cables and the center point of the hole location marked on the tabs were center punched and drilled. Prior to drilling, a marked F-1258 link was placed on top of an unmarked link and a bolt was placed through the holes to hold alignment. The pair of links were then clamped and drilled out to #12 as a pair. The same procedure was used for the other pair of F-1258 links.
One marked F-1258 link is center punched and placed on top of an unmarked link and the pair is clamped so the holes will be drilled as one.
A small lead hole was drilled first, then the hole was stepped up a couple of times …. drilling the hole to a final size of #12.

After drilling, the result is one pair of long F-1258-L links and another pair of short F-1258-R links. The excess metal needs to be removed and the cut end of the link is given a radius … I used the pre-made end of one of the links as a template to draw the curve for the cut. The links are steel, so would suggest using a hack saw and a grinding wheel to make the radius. Out of habit, I almost began using the band saw to make the cuts … then, fortunately, remembered the links are steel, so used a hack saw to make the cuts. Cutting steel on a small band saw will quickly take a toll on the band saw’s blade.
The finished F-1258-L&R links … the longer links will attach to the left rudder cable and the shorter links will attach onto the right rudder cable.

Here is where I made a slight deviation from the order of assembly in Van's plans. Van’s instructs the builder connect the aft end of the rudder cable onto the rudder horn first, then crawl into the cockpit to attach the cable and newly created cable links onto the rudder pedal horns. I felt it would be advantageous to have more cable play while attaching the links onto the rudder pedal horns … especially while being all scrunched up working in the cramped confines between the tunnel ribs. So I attached the rudder cables and F-1258-L&R links onto the rudder pedal horns first while string was still attached to the aft ends of the rudder cables so they could not be pulled into the tailcone. Once the F-1258 links were bolted up, moved to the tailcone and connected the aft end of the rudder cables onto the rudder horn. Had no issues … just sucked it up and endured the pain while working between the tunnel ribs. I absolutely dread working between the tunnel ribs because I know it is going to hurt.
Completed rigging of the forward end of the left and right rudder cables and F-1258 links.

The aft end of the rudder cables connect directly onto the rudder horns. I had an easy time of installing the hardware onto the rudder horns. I did keep the rudder locked in position (as described in the previous post) until both rudder cables were attached.
Installing the bolt and one of the washers that go above and below the rudder horn.
Completed rudder rigging … the aft end of both rudder cables are now attached onto the rudder horn finishing the rigging of the rudder cables.

For those with keen eyes … please don’t send Email's about the missing left and unset right cotter pins on the rudder cable’s mounting hardware. I just had to leave the hangar to attend Holiday festivities and could not stay a moment longer. Will install the cotter pins first thing during the next work session.