Friday, March 11, 2016

F-00035 Right Panel Section Installed

Although not actually at the hangar, the better part of the morning was spent making a custom to scale template to take to an engraver so a custom panel label could be engraved for the RV-12’s fuel pump and left landing light switches. The engraver told me they have the ability to laser cut the label material, so wanted to have them cut the two rectangular holes in the label saving me the hassle of doing so. Unfortunately that required making a detailed scaled drawing with very accurate dimensions because there is a very limited amount of room on the panel for the label. Just prior to heading out to the engraver, received the longer screws for the altimeter so after visiting the engraver and dropping off the drawings for the labels, headed to the hangar.

The longer screws were used to complete the instillation of the altimeter in the F-00035 right instrument panel section. Prior to installing the panel section, a couple of fittings were screwed into the back of the vertical speed indicator and the altimeter for the static air fittings. Decided to hold off on installing the static tubing until the airspeed indicator is installed when the center panel finally returns from powder coating. At that time the final tubing lengths and angles can be sorted out … will be sure to post photos of the plumbing after the center panel section is installed.
Installing the F-00035 right instrument panel section with the backup altimeter and vertical speed indicator installed. The hole in the top of the panel is for the vertical card compass which will be installed last after all the work in the instrument panel is completed.