Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fuel Pump & Left Landing Light Switch Wiring Completed

Finished up the wiring for the two panel switches today beginning with the left landing light power wire. Frequent readers of the DOG Aviation blog may recall a few weeks ago I contacted Van’s about the current rating of the unused extra power circuit (pin 14) available at the connector on the back of the AV-50001 Power & Switch module and received the reply that it is was rated to 5 amps, so decided to use this location as the power source for the left landing light. However, the pin 14 extra power circuit is an unfused circuit so went to an automotive store and purchased an inline fuse holder. Doing the calculations for the fuse value resulted in needing a fuse just a little over 3 amps so the next size larger was used and a 4 amp fuse was placed into the fuse holder.

I would have liked to have placed the inline fuse holder nearer the AV-50001 module, but it would have made getting at the fuse very difficult should it ever blow. A compromise was made and the fuse holder was placed just ahead of the left landing light switch’s “C” terminal. To finish off the wiring for the fuel pump switch the wire going to the fuel pump was attached to terminal “1” on the switch.
Completed wiring for the fuel pump and left landing light … a 4 amp fuse was placed in the fuse holder which can be seen in the left side of the photo.