Monday, March 7, 2016

SkyView GPS-2020 Connector Wiring Completed

At this point in time all the connectors and wiring harnesses have been installed except for the wiring harness for the Dynon SkyView GPS-2020. The GPS-2020 wiring harness is made up of a very long, four wire, twisted cable with no connector pins on the ends of the wires. This unit was purchased directly from Dynon because Van’s is still testing and readying the avionics package to include the new GPS-2020 unit. Not wanting to wait any longer, I made the purchase directly from Dynon after hearing they had tested the new GPS-2020 receiver in the RV-12 and it performed well without any adverse issues. So not sure if the one supplied by Van’s will have shorter wires with connector pins already attached, but the unit from Dynon did not.
There is a package of connector parts that is RV-12 specific which contains the male pins, DB-9 connector body, strain relief, mounting screws and the clam shell with a GPS label.

The wires were measured leaving a little excess, cut, then stripped. The four wires go into a DB-9 connector and required crimping male connector pins on the ends of the four wires.
Crimping a male connector pin onto the end of one of the wires coming from the Dynon SkyView GPS-2020 module.

The plans don’t call for it, but wanted to slide a piece of heat shrink tubing over the wires. Almost forgot and had to remove a couple of pins from the connector to slide the heat shrink over the wires. The four wires from the GPS-2020 use the same color code as its predecessor the GPS-250. The orange wire goes to pin 2, gray/orange wire to pin 5, gray/purple wire to pin 8 and the black wire to pin 9.
Although not called for, heat shrink was placed over the wires for an added layer of protection.
Completed DB-9 connector for the SkyView GPS-2020 module ready to be inserted into the AV-50000A Interconnect module.

Fellow builders following the DOG Aviation Blog may have noticed it appears as though the panel wiring is taking a long time and the wires in the area of the AV-50000A interconnect module are a mess  … all true. Part of the reason is I have been dragging my feet a little is because I have been waiting for a couple of things. The Adel clamp just aft of the cooling fan is woefully anemic for the amount of wires that need to go through it. The clamp was sized before options like ADS-B and the AP & Knobs Panel Modules were available and somewhere in the plans, even Van’s suggests the clamp can be switched to a larger size if necessary. Because of those additional options being installed, plus the fatter shielded cables used for the light/strobe circuits, the clamp is just too full for my liking ... so a larger clamp was ordered which hopefully will show up today. The other issue is one of the three panel pieces being powder coated was messed up on one side and the powder coater was not sure which side would show and figured he had a 50/50 chance … unfortunately, the side that was messed up shows. That happens to be the center section and really need that piece now to work out the possible interference issue with the backup airspeed indicator and the ABS-B module that was identified a few weeks ago.

The goal is to quickly finish up the instrument panel wiring and plumbing the additional backup instruments, then place the upper forward fuselage skin back in place so work can begin on fitting the cowlings.