Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mounting Of Coolant Radiator Completed

Yesterday’s work session, although short, completed the installation of the coolant radiator. The two inboard bolts that secure the radiator to the FF-1204A cooler box frame received washers as necessary to fill any gaps between the radiator and the cooler box frame. With the spacing shims still in place, all the bolts were torqued to specifications while verifying that the shims still remained loose prior to removing them.

The next step involved the use of high temperature silicone again. The FF-1209 seal face is a frame that slips over the front of the radiator. The face of this frame will provide a flat surface for a thick soft gasket that will make an air seal between the cooling duct in the lower cowling (yet to be installed) and the face of the radiator. The FF-1209 seal face is slipped over the radiator and the builder is to make note where its placement is across the upper and lower tanks on the radiator so a 1/8" bed of silicone can be placed under those areas to bond the seal face to the coolant radiator. I took this one step further and placed tape above and below this area and also on the frame … so after the silicone is applied, cleanup of excess silicone material will be easy without leaving messy streaks on the paint or the radiator.
Radiator masked off along with the FF-1209 seal face. The horizontal black band between the tape lines on the radiator’s upper and lower water tanks is where the beads of silicone will be applied.
Applying a 1/8" bead of high temperature silicone to the upper tank.

Once the silicone is applied to the radiator’s upper and lower tanks, the FF-1209 face seal is slipped onto the radiator, pressed flat against the upper and lower tanks and taped in place while the silicone sets. The plans also call for placing beads of silicone on each side of the radiator between the radiator and the FF-1209 face seal.
Two additional vertical beads of silicone are laid down where the FF-1209 face seal meets the radiator on either side.

The next step in the plans involves installing the coolant hoses, but I did not want to possibly disturb the curing silicone, so decided to prep and paint a couple of small parts and will finish up plumbing the radiator during the next work session.