Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baggage Ribs Riveted In Place

Getting the baggage ribs riveted to the F-1204F aft bulkhead presented yet another challenge. The plans instruct the builder to place the manufactured head of the LP4-3 rivets securing the six baggage ribs on the F-1204F aft bulkhead which creates a small issue with clearance. The close quarters rivet puller will not work at all … when working between the bulkheads there is not enough room to open the handles far enough to grip the rivet for the second pull it typically takes to pop the rivets. Fortunately, the DOG Aviation procurement department had also purchased a Stanley rivet puller with a swivel head. There was just barely enough room for the Stanley rivet puller with the head swiveled 90 degrees … and the lower three rivets still required the trick of bending the mandrel of the rivet and using an AEX wedge to allow the rivet gun access so the handles would clear the forward bulkhead.

Using the Stanley rivet puller with the AEX wedge to get enough clearance for the rivet puller … the blue aluminum piece is leftover scrap used to prevent scratches.
 Even the upper rivets are a tight fit for the rivet puller.

After the W-1221,22 and 23 baggage ribs are riveted onto the F-1204F center section's aft bulkhead, the baggage floors were riveted in place and nutplates were riveted onto on the W-1221-L&R ribs. The nutplates are for the removable inspection plate which will cover the tunnel.
 Riveting the baggage floors onto the F-1222-L baggage rib … blue tape is used to protect the paint.
 Using the pneumatic rivet puller to set the last rivet into the F-1224 baggage floor to F-1223-R baggage rib.
                                                               Installing the nutplates onto the W-1221-L baggage rib.

Moving forward, the next task was to prepare the F1206A baggage bulkhead by installing the rear spar receptacles onto the bulkhead. The rear spar receptacle is comprised of the F-1206B rear spar supports and the thick F-1206C rear spar receptacle. The two pieces are typically riveted onto the F-1206A bulkhead with LP4-5 pop rivets … but access was good for the squeezer so AN470AD4-7 solid rivets were used in place of the pop rivets. This part of the aircraft receives the tab sticking out from the rear spar of each wing … the tab secures the aft most portion of the wing, so feel it is a good place to use solid rivets. The W-1206A bulkhead then received two nutplates and was ready to be installed.
Riveting the F-1206B and F-1206C parts onto the F-1206A bulkhead with AN470AD4-7 rivets to make the rear spar receptacle.

F-1206A baggage bulkhead assembly with both rear spar receptacles riveted in place with solid rivets as opposed to pop rivets.

The F-1206G-L&R ribs were also prepared for installation by riveting three nutplates onto each rib. These two ribs will be installed onto the F-1206A bulkhead assembly and will support a bearing bracket assemblies. The bearing bracket assembly is made up by sandwiching a Com-3-5 bearing between two F-1206D brackets and riveting the brackets together securing the bearing. Did not get to riveting the F-1206A bulkhead in place, but did get it secured with Clecos so it will be ready for riveting during the next work session in the shop .
Riveting nutplates onto the F-1206G ribs.
Two F-1206D bearing brackets with the Com-3-5 bearing in place ready to be sandwiched for all eternity.
Completed bearing bracket assemblies ready to be riveted onto the F-1206G ribs.
Setting the F-1206A baggage bulkhead in place for riveting.
                                                        F-1206A bulkhead Clecoed in place and ready for riveting.