Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Of The Fuselage Parts Priming

Early this morning the longerons were deburred, cleaned, scuffed with Scotch-Brite, and cleaned again with Acetone in preparation for priming. The baggage area aft bulkhead that was recently discovered along with a small handful of remaining miscellaneous parts were also cleaned and prepped for primer. At this point there are no more parts to prime with the exception of the hinges that will make up the seat position adjustments. They need to be match-drilled to the seats and at this point there is no rush to finish seats. When the time comes a small batch of primer can be mixed and used in the airbrush or wait until parts from the finishing kit are primed.

Even though the outside temperatures were below 50, a batch of Akzo primer was mixed and sprayed onto the remaining bulkhead, longerons and the last of the miscellaneous parts. Mike’s heater has been keeping the temperatures in the shop plenty warm for the proper curing of the Akzo primer so it will dry without issues.
The F1207B bulkhead and accompanying miscellaneous primed parts hanging to dry in the warmth created by Mike’s propane heater.
Both longerons primed and hung from bungee cords to dry in the warm shop.

Fortunately, there were not enough flammable vapors given off by the primed parts to blow the shop off the foundation from having the propane heater on. Now that the fuselage parts prep and priming/painting is complete, the long overdue assembly of the fuselage can begin in earnest … time to take all the small parts and create one big part. Perfect timing because the temperatures are dropping rapidly here and there is even a forecast for the possibility of a little snow tonight and tomorrow.