Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crotch Strap Brackets Riveted In Place

Today’s work session began by finishing up the riveting of the F-1215 seat rib that had the autopilot servo’s doubler plate added to the flaperon mixer arm assembly. Once that was completed, work continued by way of the F-1267A&B crotch strap (that name makes a guy cringe a little) brackets. The brackets were prepared for riveting by first installing two nutplates on each of the four pieces.  The pneumatic rivet squeezer and a standard yoke is good for the F-1267A parts, but the angle on the F-1267B pieces makes it very hard to rivet using standard yokes with rivet sets, so Van’s has the builder use #40 flush pop rivets. However, the DOG Aviation facility was able to rivet the F-1267B pieces by using a no-hole yoke on the squeezer to set AN426AD3-3.5 rivets in lieu of the #40 pop rivets.
Riveting plate nuts onto a F-1267A crotch strap bracket with the pneumatic squeezer.
Finished F-1267 A&B crotch strap brackets … one can see the tight angle on the F-1267B crotch strap bracket and the thin nosed no-hole yoke that was used to set the AN426AD3-3.5 solid rivets in the nutplates.

After the nutplates were installed onto the F-1267A&B crotch strap brackets, an A and B bracket was riveted onto both the pulley bracket assembly and the flaperon mixer arm assembly. That was followed by sandwiching the F-1267A&B crotch strap brackets between another F-1215 seat rib. Out of twelve rivets used to attach the crotch strap brackets to each of the F-1215 ribs, only two pop rivets were necessary.
Riveting an F-1267A crotch strap bracket onto the pulley bracket assembly using AN470AD4-4 rivets in place of LP4-3 pop rivets where possible.
Sandwiching the crotch strap brackets with an F-1215 seat rib … two LP4-3 pop rivets were used where the squeezer could not reach, the remaining ten rivets were squeezed.
Riveting the F-1267A&B crotch strap brackets onto the flaperon mixer arm assembly using the pneumatic squeezer and AN470AD4-4 solid rivets where possible.
Making progress … the makings of a place to sit in the RV-12.
Completed pulley and flaperon mixer arm assemblies that will soon become the bases for the RV-12’s left and right seats.