Thursday, November 28, 2013

Oops – Read Twice, Cut Once

Well, for the second time during the RV-12 construction, a replacement part is needed due to a faux pas on my part.  During the hasty push to move forward and prep all the fuselage parts for primer and paint before the long talons of winter gripped DOG Aviation, a mistake was made cutting the F-1236 step angles.

The four F-1236 step angles come as one long piece of angle and require being separated into four parts … two of which become F-1236A and two become F-1236B after trimming one of the edges back. The instructions call for trimming TWO of the angles to make the side with no holes 1”wide. The trimming is ONLY done to two of the angles NOT four as I apparently had done in my haste to beat the winter weather. Fortunately, the error was caught before riveting the parts in place.
Error of my ways highlighted in yellow …. read twice, cut once. The undrilled side should be at least 1/8" or so wider Duh!

The angles are used to help distribute the load created when stepping up on the steps that extend out from the side of the fuselage. The angles create a bridge between the bulkhead and step ribs for support and are a mounting point for 1/4 inch nutplates used to mount the fuselage steps onto the fuselage.  There is quite a bit of match drilling to be done so moving on with assembly would not be a good idea. Van’s is not open until the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend so will have to wait until the later part of next week before the fuselage can grow more. Fortunately, it is a small part and only $10 to replace. In the mean while, there are still things that can be done while waiting for the replacement part, quite a few parts require platenuts installed, the autopilot servo brackets on the aft end of the baggage bulkhead could be installed (even the servo motors for that matter) and perhaps some of the tubing for the fuel system.