Tuesday, October 13, 2015

T-1203 Aft Tank Bulkhead & T-1214 Bracket Added To Fuel Tank

More messy, sticky, gooey, progress was made on the RV-12’s fuel tank with the addition of the T-1203 aft tank bulkhead. Bernie was available to lend assistance, so the two of us cleaned the mating surfaces for the T-1203 aft bulkhead and mixed up a batch of fuel tank sealant.  The fuel tank sealant was applied to the mating surfaces of the aft bulkhead and while Bernie flexed the fuel tank’s sides outward, the T-1203 aft bulkhead was set in place and the tank sides were carefully allowed to come in while making sure the T-1203 was placed under the flanges on the T-1201-1 main tank skin.  The aft bulkhead was then riveted to the T-1201-1 main tank skin. Next, the replacement for the incorrectly machined T-1214 bracket was riveted onto the T-1203 aft tank bulkhead. The upper seven rivets that secure the T-1214 bracket onto the aft tank bulkhead are AN470AD4-4 solid rivets, so they were squeezed with the pneumatic squeezer.
Fuel tank with T-1203 aft tank bulkhead and T-1214 bracket now riveted in place … Bernie caught in the act of cleaning up.

Also during the work session the five K-1000-08 nutplates that attach to the T-1209 sender plate were also riveted with AN426AD3-4 solid rivets.

The tank was placed back into the hot box to cure. Because the temperatures have dropped here, will not attempt to apply any more microsphere filler onto the canopy lay-up until the temperatures are a little warmer.